Perfectly balanced, surprisingly potent, and amazing flavor - what more could you want from your marijuana? Super Sour Widow is all of those things and more. Though the breeders are unknown, this cross between Super Sour Diesel and White Widow shows that they were extremely talented in their craft. This strain brings together all the positives of each parent without any of the negative side effects, and that could only be achieved by lots and lots of patience.THC levels in this bud aren’t particularly high as the average comes in at around 15% to 18%, but that doesn’t prevent it from being a banger of a bud as the CBD in this strain is off the charts at 11% on average. Between the tart citrus and fuel flavors and the ultra refreshing lemon Pinesol aroma, this plant is a joy to have in your garden and your pipes. The Super Sour Widow nugs are olive green and fluffy, with caramel colored hairs and crystal white trichomes.After just the first toke, you’ll feel a rush of euphoria set in. The lightness of this cerebral bliss will overtake you in waves as the slow, creeping focus starts to tighten up. A burst of energy will take the place of any laziness and creativity will soar. This is perfect for artists, musicians, writers, and even athletes. The Super Sour Widow high may be slow building, but when it peaks, that period will be long-lasting and mentally energetic. In spite of its indica-dominant status, it does not typically carry the couch lock traits of its brethren. This is not a strain recommended for first timers as it can get ahead of you.Medically, this strain has a lot to offer. Because of its energetic properties, it is highly effective in the treatment of chronic fatigue and generalized sleepiness. It is also beneficial to various mental health issues such as stress, depression, bipolar, and restlessness caused by anxiety. Treatment for generalized anxiety and PTSD, however, is not recommended with this strain as it can have the tendency to become overwhelming in larger doses. A downside to this bud is the rare case of headaches or dizziness if used in excess.Growing Super Sour Widow is best for intermediate to advanced cultivators as the start of this plant is somewhat finicky. Expect a solid harvest at around 9 to 11 weeks for indoor growth or late October to early November for outdoor gardens. The yields are high at around 12 to 14 ounces per square meter. This strain prefers warm climates, so outdoors should be dry and well lit.Buy weed online,mail order weed online,buy weed online USA,weed for sale,buy weed online Australia,buy weed online UK,Buy weed online Germany, buy weed online worldwide,buy weed online with worldwide shipping,order weed online with worldwide shipping,buy skunk online UK,mail order weed online with worldwide shipping, Buy weed online safely, buy grams of weed online, buying weed online reviews, buy skunk online UK, online dispensary Canada, best online dispensary, online dispensary shipping worldwide, online dispensary USA, 420 mail order, buying weed online, can you buy weed online, buying synthetic weed online,Buy Marijuana online USA,Buy Marijuana online with worldwide shipping,mail order marijuana online USA,, buy marijuana online UK, buy marijuana online Australia,legit online dispensary shipping worldwide , edibles worldwide shipping, online dispensary shipping worldwide reviews, Buy marijuana online with worldwide shipping, Mail order marijuana online with worldwide shipping, 420 Mail order marijuana worldwide shipping,Buy Marijuana online USA,Buy Marijuana online with worldwide shipping,mail order marijuana online USA, buy marijuana online UK, buy marijuana online Australia, online dispensary shipping USA, Legit online dispensary shipping USA , online dispensary shipping worldwide, buy real marijuana online USA, buy weed edibles online USA, buy legal weed online USA, buy marijuana online Europe, Buy Marijuana online worldwide shipping,

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