Chemdog D IBL cannabis strain by Reservoir Seeds is a pure Indica and the first inbred line of the iconic Chemdog D Clone. Some serious odor control will be necessary will this plant, but the flavour and potency make it worth it. Now, anyone can grow it, whether in a greenhouse, indoors, our outdoors. Chemdog D IBL weed strain is best for evening usage. BUY MARIJUANA ONLINE usa

Type of High

Chemdog D IBL cannabis strain's high is no joke - it will knock you flat on your back with its heavily relaxing tendencies if you toke too much at once. A weighted body experience may turn into couch lock. Buy marijuana online USA


Breeder: Reservoir Seeds
Lineage: Chemdog D IBL weed strain is a cross between Chemdog d and Chemdog D BX#2 cannabis strains. Buy marijuana online USA

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Chemdog D IBL weed strain