Cherry Slyder marijuana strain is an Indica dominant marijuana hybrid. The breeders of this kush remain unknown. This weed can be enjoyed by most users thanks to moderate 13-19% THC count, beginners should be mindful of the dose. Order marijuana online USA . As the name suggests, Cherry Slyder strongly smells of cherries, pine and diesel with a fruity flavor. The high is relaxing, but leaves users in full control of their body. Cherry Slyder marijuana is good for night and evening time recreational and medical useOrder marijuana online USA

Type of High

Cherry Slyder marijuana strain induces moderate cerebral euphoria followed by deep body-mind relaxation. Relieves stress and nausea, stimulates appetite. Promotes body relaxation and sleep. Controls pain and helps with insomnia. Order marijuana online USA


Cherry Slyder cannabis strain is a cross between Northern Lights and Afghani genetics. Order marijuana online USA

Cherry Slyder marijuana strain