Cordero Kush Platinum cannabis strain is a pure Indica marijuana strain. This marijuana took the first place at the 2012 High Times Cannabis Cup. Her buds are dark green and dense. The nugs are covered in a forest of trichomes & fine layer of resin. Cordero Kush Platinum boasts an earthy-spicy aroma. The strain is very potent with THC content of up to 26%, she is not recommended for beginners. The kush has great medical applications due to high CBD content. The strain is good for night time use. mAIL ORDER MARIJUANA ONLINE usa

Type of High

Cordero Kush Platinum marijuana strain induces strong body buzz and relaxes the mind. Improves mood, relieves stress and depression. Followed by mild couch-lock, relaxation and sleep. Boosts appetite, controls tremors and pain, helps with insomnia. mail order marijuana online USA


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Cordero Kush Platinum marijuana