Plushberry Marijuana Strain

Plushberry is the first and most primal TGA Subcool seed offering, which belongs to the Kush family. Also, it can be grown both indoors and outdoors and even in a greenhouse. More so, it has a flowering period of fifty five to sixty days and provides sufficient amount of yield which is quite dense in nature. Buy Plushberry Marijuana Strain . It is a hybrid cross of Black Cherry Soda and Space Queen. This specific medical kush strain grows tall and thick with purple coloured leaves dressing and orange hair. Its taste reminds one of black berry jam and raspberries. This strain is mostly preferred for its exceptional and wholesome flavour and beautiful colours. Mail order marijuana online 


It has a THC level of 18.83% and CBD level of 0.43%. With these potency constitutes, it also has CBC level of 0.27%.These play a vital role in keeping stress under control and in calming the mind. More so, this particular marijuana also works as a relaxation moderator of mind and body and calms down nerves. Buy Plushberry kush Strain . The balanced profile will produce a cerebral high while the body melt creeps in slowly.

Medical benefits

Medical users with severe conditions should find another strain, one rich in CBD, anywhere from 3 to 10 percent. Also, Patients with mild to moderate conditions will enjoy the body melt and mild sedation of Plushberry, accompanied by a low-level high that won’t interfere with the day to day. Buy Plushberry Marijuana Strain

We grow this strain in and out and also in the greenhouse. Indoors, it does well in a hydroponic system. Also,  Plushberry has a couple of phenotypes – one will grow as mentioned – tall, while another grows smaller and bushier. Some growers report that clones do not grow as tall as the mother plant. Plushberry Marijuana Strain

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Plushberry Marijuana Strain