Pinkleberry Kush #18 marijuana strain is a pure Indica marijuana. This kush was created organically by breeders at the infamous Green Source Gardens. Pinkleberry Kush #18 marijuana is recommended for more experienced users due to high, 18-20% THC levels. These plants grow light green, spade-shaped buds with purple and pink hairs. The nugs are drenched in resin and trichomes. Pinkleberry Kush #18 marijuana tastes of pepper and herbs, with a tropical aroma. This weed is good for evening time use. Buy marijuana online with worldwide shipping

Type of High

Pinkleberry Kush #18 marijuana induces uplifting cerebral euphoria, boosts creativity, energizes the mind. Alleviates depression and anxiety. Followed by deep body relaxation, sedation & couch lock. Promotes sleep, controls pain, helps with insomnia.


The genetic origins of Pinkleberry Kush #18 cannabis strain are unknown.

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Pinkleberry Ku#18 marijuana