Stevie Wonder cannabis strain by Bodhi Seeds is a multi-faceted Sativa dominant hybrid with a THC average of 19-24%.Mail order marijuana online USA. It smells of earth, pine and oranges, with accents of diesel and a very similar taste.Mail order marijuana online USA. Buds are big, dense and frosted with a sage tone that may have dark patches and amber hairs all over them. It can treat pain, spasms, nerve damage and stress. Ideal for daytime usage.Mail order marijuana online USA

Type of High

Stevie Wonder weed strain's potent high starts cerebrally in the temples and behind the eyes, with a sharp onset that is still somehow very relaxing with ebbing energy levels.Mail order marijuana online USA


Breeder: Bodhi Seeds
Lineage: Stevie Wonder Marijuuana strain is a cross between Sensi Star, Trainwreck, Blueberry and Bubba Kush cannabis strainsMail order marijuana online USA.

Stevie Wonder