White Girl marijuana strain is a rare hybrid that crosses staple Girl Scout Cookies and flavorful Berry White. This strain is named for the high volume of white trichomes that covers its dense flowers. White Girl marijuana strain offers consumers a tangy, fruity flavor and a sativa-leaning high that’s sure to be impressive to novice and veteran cannabis consumers like. This bud’s THC content has been measured at between 13% and a staggering 30%. Mail order marijuana online USA

White Girl marijuana strain tends to have small flowers that cling together in dense globular forms like so many pieces of popcorn. These nuggets have a tight, dense bud structure, with the leaves curling tightly inward. These leaves are a dark shade of forest green and are twisted though with hairy orange pistils. Finally, true to its name, White Girl marijuana strain has inherited parent strain Berry White’s capacity for trichomes production and is packed with cloudy white trichomes. Mail order marijuana online USA

When properly cured, the predominant aroma that wafts up from White Girl’s buds is that of tart berry. On closer inspection, there are also some dank, earthy notes reminiscent of parent strain Girl Scout Cookies. Meanwhile, grinding up these tightly-packed flowers gives off a rich, earthy odor like fresh-cut wood. White Girl MARIJUANA STRAIN burns with a harsh, acrid smoke when combusted in a pipe or a joint. If they aren’t coughing too hard from an initial toke, smokers may be able to pick up on some fruity, skunky flavors on the exhale. Mail order marijuana online USA

White Girl’s effects come on strong with buzzy, stimulating effects. Soon after smoking, consumers may notice a pressure, verging on a twitch, around the eyes and temples. Once acclimated to this odd sensation, they typically detect a large increase in cerebral functioning, with thoughts jumping rapidly from one to the next. This sudden feeling of “mindrace” is marked by a fascination with objects or concepts that might be otherwise uninteresting. Cannabis newbies may also be lucky enough to experience some strong, trippy feelings of sensory distortion -- certain sights or sounds may take on a new intensity or dimensions; the phenomenon of time dilation is also commonly reported. Because of its ability to sustain concentration, this cerebral high can be great for accomplishing detailed, task-based work. Order marijuana online . It can also improve mundane everyday chores like cleaning the house or running errands. As this mentally bracing high wears on, a mild body high sets in. Although relaxing, this sense of physical calm is not nearly strong enough to incapacitate smokers. Instead, it may take the edge off of White Girl’s strong cerebral edge, paving the way for some easy socializing. Because it is more stimulating than relaxing. Mail order marijuana online USA


 White Girl Marijuana strain is recommended for daytime (and even wake-and-bake) enjoyment; if consumed before bed, it’s likely to keep smokers wired and wide awake. Order marijuana online

White Girl’s active effects can also have some usefulness for medical cannabis patients. Its lucidity and focus may boost concentration for those with attention deficit disorders. The strain can also help those suffering from mild to moderate stress and depression to spend their time more presently and consciously. Some anti-inflammatory effects can also relieve minor, everyday pain like headaches and nausea.  Buy marijuana online .Because its intense patterns of thought can easily veer into paranoid territory, White Girl marijuana  strain is not recommended for those who are prone to panic and anxiety or who have a low tolerance for THC. Mail order marijuana online USA



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White Girl marijuana  strain